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Samsung Digital Door Locks

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Auzura Natural Singapore takes you on a keyless journey in and out of your home with Samsung Digital Lock. So say no more to “Honey, have you seen my keys?” or having that spare key under a flower pot. Get to live out of conventional methods with a list of electronic door entering methods: RFID, Bluetooth, fingerprint, keypad pin and smart card to open your door. The locks are of handle type, deadbolt type, and no handle type.

Bring simplicity to your doorsteps with Auzura Natural Singapore. Samsung Digital Lock with its different opening methods have ease and shorten the time of entry and exiting a door. RFID unlocks your door with a card, meaning no more digging through your bag for a key but just scan your way through with just a “beep”. Bluetooth sensing on your smartphone’s openings up the door when approach it, upgrading your home or workplace in the tech-savvy class! What else is cool? The door locks behind you automatically, bringing your safety safest for all the times you would forget to lock the door.

Bring high security to your loved ones by taking control of who has access to your home. By using a keypad pin, you can key in your unique passcode to enter the door without a key. And even if you lose a smart card, a thief is unable to duplicate it.  You will never have to change the whole lock whenever you lose your keys again. It is an actual fact that with the number of break-in crimes increasing by the minute, we need extra precaution for our homes. In addition, Samsung Digital Lock can actually enhance the appearance of your door while securing it at the same time.

And, you will always have a backup plan with Samsung Digital Lock. Just in case one method of opening the door doesn’t work you’ll always have a backup key or passcode to enter. So get to enjoy a variety of entry options and features. For added security, you can select two options, passcode, and fingerprint access. Get yourself a series of protection just like peeling of an onion layer by layer.              

With all the functions for simplicity, security, and backups, Auzura Natural Singapore clearly offers you more than just digital aesthetics. So get your own Samsung Digital Lock soon! Dial us up at +65 6 – 4849 985 for more details and inquiries!

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