Buy Melamine Doors Online in Singapore

Looking out for something special to suit your room decoration? Store away your essentials behind Auzura Natural Singapore’s aesthetic wardrobe door with the one and only, Melamine Door! Melamine doors are man-made doors with properties such as durability and its high-quality edging. For every melamine door available, you can observe its even surface colouring and grain patterns. It is made for long term use, the ease of cleaning and its resistance. (water, heat, chemical etc.)

You can find the melamine doors available in:

-Sliding or hinged door wardrobes

-A variety of popular melamine colours

In comparison to other wooden doors, you will find the uniform finishes as the main benefit in melamine doors at Auzura Natural Singapore. Such as the veneer doors, they are made of natural wood that varies in colour and grain patterns based on each type of tree used. Whereas for melamine doors, it available with a consistent finish as it is manufactured in a controlled environment for grains and colours to set evenly. Compared to other wood choices, melamine doors are also a much cost effective option with many features still intact.

Hear what our recent clients have to say about melamine doors:

“I agree with melamine doors as the best type for wardrobes. If I’d compared ordinary wood with this (melamine doors), you can get the same quality but more benefits! I see it being much easier to clean when stained. I have seen my previous doors peeling apart after just 3 years, but my melamine door still looks. It looks as though I’ve just bought it yesterday!”

At Auzura Natural Singapore, we provide our service in offering superior quality melamine doors sourced from our trusted vendors. The melamine doors of choice are widely demanded amongst the clients. Our customers can be assured and have peace of mind that they will be getting the best possible finish on the edges of their melamine doors.

So get yours at affordable rates now! Dial us up at +65 6 – 4849 985.

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