Your Front Door Could make Your House Looks Awful

Benefits of Melamine Door
Benefits of Melamine Door
February 20, 2017
Fire Rated Melamine Door
Exclusive Melamine Fire-rated Door
May 8, 2017

Your Front Door Could make Your House Looks Awful

Broken Front Door




Have you ever thought of how people thought of you when they first met you? Whether you look smart, charming, attractive or just the opposite. Well, the same thing applies when people look at your house, the first thing they notice is definitely the front door. What assumptions do they make about the people that live in it? Whether we accept it or not, our front door plays a big role as the first impression for your home and it can, in turn, add value to it.

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If you think about the one feature that makes people lay eyes on your house, what would that feature be? Most of us would guess the landscape or the architectural design of the house. But in fact, when people are up close in front of a house, the first thing they will notice is the front door. Even if we refer to Feng Shui, plays an utmost important role in not only external attraction but also for the flow of energy. It is believed that with a suitable door it brings wealth, opportunities, people and health to the people behind doors.  


Over the past few months, we had clients from different background seeking professional advice on how they are able to raise the value of a house or make their house more aesthetic. And we put our answers and faith in our melamine doors.


Melamine doors are man-made with a clean exterior look with high customer ratings. It comes in a variety of colours to choose from and it has even surface grain patterns. It has won the hearts of many by the ease of cleaning just by wiping.


Melamine doors are made for long term usage, with properties such as heat resistant, chemical resistant and scratch resistance. The durability of a front door enables the long term use while still looking amazing at the view! Additionally, not are the people impressed by its durability, but added value can be seen in terms of fire rated characteristic. The safety feature will give you a peace of mind knowing that value can be added not only in terms of money, beautiful outlook but also protection.  Benefits of Melamine Doors are more than you can ever imagine.


Still have doubts about the value of your property? Worried about how people view your home or how to increase overall profit from your invested property? Talk to us and we’ll clear all your doubts from our enthusiastic team on your own melamine door at your property! Wait no more, dial us up for more service information  +65 6 – 4849 985.

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