Why Should Use Digital Door Lock?

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May 8, 2017
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May 8, 2017

Why Should Use Digital Door Lock?


Let digital door lock be your best home guardian!

Fed up with losing your home key or forgot where you placed them? Let this trouble you no more with the introduction of digital door lock, a smart and hassle free way to keep your home in safe hands.


Generally, digital door locks are a means of security solution which are of low cost and easy to install on any door premises. It requires the user to enter in a set of codes (alphabets or numbers) through the panel keys which act as the access code for the door to be opened. Digital door locks play an important role in controlling the access of a premise when the allocation of traditional keys or access cards are not appropriate and deemed necessary by the user.   

There are several stark differences between digital door locks and traditional door locks. Some of the main differences are:

  • Keys are not needed and brought along whenever leaving the premise.
  • Locking the door using keys are not required as door with digital lock installation will lock itself automatically once it is being shut.
  • Get rid of the fuss in rummaging through bags for your keys, losing you key or misplacing it.
  • Make do without the need for spare keys.

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The use of digital door locks are prevalent due to the flexibility and safety provided. Compared to electronic keyless door locks which utilize the fingerprints recognition system for operation, the chances of encountering problems of faulty systems are low and more reliable due to the possibility of ‘hacking’ in electronic door locks. Moreover, the advantages of using digital door lock make it very attractive as a choice for access control. These advantages are:

  • Easy to install due to its self-contained properties
  • Additional hardware is not needed.
  • The access codes can be reprogrammed anytime.
  • High reliability with affordable price.

Premise or homeowners will find the digital lock very beneficial as you can leave your home or premise without worrying break-ins as the digital door locks could be connected the alarm system which acts as a second layer security. Camera surveillance could reinforce the security even further. You can rest assured knowing either losing your house keys or locking the door before you leave will not be an issue anymore.
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