What is melamine door and why choose melamine door?

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What is melamine door and why choose melamine door?


What is melamine door and why choose melamine door?

First and foremost, what is melamine? Scientifically speaking, melamine is an organic base that contains a high proportion of nitrogen by mass and is also referred to as thermally fused laminate. Mixing melamine with resin will render it fire retardant properties when in contact with heat source due to the release of the inert nitrogen gas which will reduce the amount of oxygen for combustion.

Benefits of Melamine Door

During manufacturing process, melamine is combined with formaldehyde to produce very durable thermosetting plastic. This plastic is used in applications such as high pressure decorative laminates, dinnerware, laminate flooring and erase boards. On the other hand, melamine foam is applied on architectural surfaces as insulation and soundproofing material. In the case of home appliances, melamine together with its salts serve as fire retardant additives in paints and plastics, giving them the properties to withstand heat and reduce the possibility of fire breakout.

By infusing and coating melamine onto manufactured wood substrate like medium density fiberboard or plywood, this will give wooden or plywood doors an edge over normal doors. The advantages of melamine doors are:

  • They are durable against various forms of scratches, shatter resistant, heat resistant, stains and waterproof. Besides, surfaces coated with melamine is also easy to clean.
  • Very affordable due to its low cost and effective in protecting the surfaces of wooden doors.
  • Stylish looking and uniform finish which could provide an array of choices for customers to choose from. The surfaces coated with melamine are also more attractive and provides a consistent finish compared to solid wood.


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