The Psychology of Colors Behind your Wardrobe Doors & the Interior

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July 12, 2017

The Psychology of Colors Behind your Wardrobe Doors & the Interior


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Colors are not randomly picked or used when we talk about interior design colors. We might think it’s an easy task to do when it comes to choosing a color for your doors. We tend to choose what we love and what we would like to have for our wardrobe doors, living room or the entire home. There are many good results in many cases, yet there are some people who do not know anything about colors and what combinations will look better for the style and mood of their home, the results might turn bad as it might have nothing in common with the overall appearance.



Colors give us a certain state of mind which can cheer us, energize us, make us feel calm, relax, safe and increase the ability of concentration and remind us some pleasant things. However, there is also some colors and colors combinations that make us feel depressed, anxiety, and make us recall the bad memories and feeling tired, become easily frustrated and irritated.  Therefore, no matter is the entry door, wardrobe doors, or even your toilet doors, you should pick the color of the doors wisely. Eventually, you are the one who is going to stay in the house and it’s crucial to make your house feel good and relax.

 In fact, brown or wood colors are generally classified as the quality of everything. From a relatively “yummy” color (chocolates, cookies, coffee, cakes) to a comfortable home and a loyal companionship. It is a color that represents simplicity, quality as well as physical and mental comfort.


  Wood or brown colors represent our mother nature too. Brown is the color of the earth in most part of the world, it symbolizes as safe, stable and reassuring, as human tend to feel safe in a natural environment. In color of psychology, this color is associated with our mother nature, organic produce and anything that related to the agriculture as well as outdoors. Almost every plant has the brown color with them.


  This color creates an emotional impact to us that symbolize a safe and comfort zone for us to stay away from the stress of the outside world within which problems can meditate and solved.

   However, in psychological terms, brown or wood colors does not seek for attention while it prefers to stay in the background and allows their surroundings to shine with them. Just like how our Melamine Doors, stay in the background and allows other decoration to shine with them. What is Melamine Door? Melamine is an organic base that contains a high proportion of nitrogen by mass and is also encouraged for long term use, the ease of cleaning and its resistance(water, heat, chemical etc.). Therefore, brown or wood colors will give us a sense of stability and security. With our Melamine Doors, it’s available with a consistent finish as it is manufactured in a controlled environment for grains and colors to set evenly, in other words, it creates a pleasant rustic effect along with the natural shades.

   Choose the colors of your wardrobe doors or even your front door wisely! It will not only affect the overall impression that given by others, it also affects your mood by staying in your house. However, Auzura Natural Singapore is expertise in door colors selection, hence we offered a variety of popular melamine colors and we also provide professional guidance as well as consultation for you! Wait no more! Check us out and call +65 6 – 4849 985 now for a pleasant and heart-warming Melamine Door from us!

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