Hassle-free Way of Cleaning your Door

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May 8, 2017
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July 13, 2017

Hassle-free Way of Cleaning your Door


  Ever wondered how to stay away from cleaning stain and scratches from your door? Try to go online or even seek for friends for door cleaning assistance? Don’t worry! Stay away from your fear as Auzura Natural Singapore provide you our low-maintenance aesthetic Melamine Doors that come with a variety of popular colors

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  Our kitchen is often a gathering and meeting place for our friends and families. A kitchen is a place for food and conversations. However, kitchen doors and cabinets get dirty, fast. You accidentally splash grease on your door when you cook. Your five-year-old spill a cup of fresh berries smoothies and smash the whipped cream around your kitchen. However, you can fight all the grease, stain, smudge and grime together with our Melamine Doors!


  Why Melamine Door? Melamine doors are man-made doors with its characteristics such as durability and its high-quality edging. However, Melamine is known for its abilities such as durability and its resistance (chemical, heat, stain, scratch, water).

 When you’re doing housekeeping or housecleaning of your house, one area that gets overlooked the most is the kitchen door and cabinets. Just imagine when you have a sink full of dishes, a mountain high of unwashed clothes, a sofa that full of toys. With all these problems, your kitchen door is probably the last thing to hit your mind, or even sometimes, it didn’t even get into your mind. However, based on the current human behavior nowadays, it’s really hard to ask them to clean their house every day, yet asking them to clean their door frequently. Worry not! Auzura Natural Singapore provides you our Melamine doors with low-maintenance needed and at the ease of cleaning your door.

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  Melamine doors are known for its scratch resistance ability, you don’t have to worry when your five-year-old accidentally grab your car key and draw something on the door.

  As we all know, the kitchen is usually a dangerous place where children are not allowed. Children have the highest curiosity when they are exposed to so many things around the kitchen. For example, knives and other sharp kitchen tools, as well as detergents, should be out of toddler’s reach. However, it’s always advisable to have a fire-rated door which has fire resistance ability to act as a fire protection system in preventing any case of emergency.

  Research has shown that nearly half of all house fires cases were started in the kitchen while majority all these kitchen fires start from cooking that is left unattended on the stove. In order to prevent the risk of fire breakout, it’s essential and advisable to have a safe fire-rated door in your kitchen or even your entry doors. Auzura Natural Singapore’s Melamine Doors are known as its ability of chemical resistance as well as fire rated.

  Auzura Natural Singapore ensures our customer always get the best from us. We care about you and your safety. Knock us with your orders now or contact us at +65 6– 4849 985, your favorite door specialist.

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