Exclusive Melamine Fire-rated Door

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March 25, 2017
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Exclusive Melamine Fire-rated Door

Fire Rated Melamine Door

Attention! Say goodbye to fire hazard with the exclusive melamine fire-rated door from Auzuranatural!


Fire can be friend or foe and when it becomes our enemy, you would better be prepared! Arm your site with fire rated door which has fire resistant properties to act as a fire protection system in preventing wild spread of fire and smoke in the case of emergency.

Have you ever wondered what is a fire rated door composed of and the significance of its role in ensuring the safety of people during emergency cases? Back to the basics, fire rated door is generally composed of a few materials such as glass sections, steel, timber, aluminium and gypsum. Together with a range of door hardwares, seals and windows they form the doorset for a typical fire rated door. All of the materials involved in producing a fire rated door must meet stipulated and standard guidelines to ensure the quality of the door will not be compromised as well as capable of carrying out its duty. Both the door leaf and the frame that holds the door will be given a numerical rating by a testing agency with regard to the hours of resistance to a testing fire. This is especially important as it will provide enough evacuation time during emergency cases.

Melamine Door - Fire

Feeling urged to install a fire rated door but still wondering how to procure the service? Worry not as Auzuranatural Singapore is here to help our customers to solve their needs and provide the best solutions on the site safety. With our advanced technology in research and development, we can help you to safeguard your site by

  • Providing you with the best melamine fire rated door which is very fire retardant due to the properties of the inert nitrogen gas released when experiencing burning and charring
  • Strong and sturdy fire rated door to withstand the wild spread of both fire and smoke in the case of fire.
  • Clean and neat looking fire rated door that complies with all standard guidelines on safety and health regulations.

With five years strong experience in the door manufacturing industry, we proudly present our best products and services for our customers with utmost quality and integrity. As the leader in this industry, we ensure our customers always get the best from us. Look no further than us, your door specialist now and always.

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